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FREE TV Player Classic  v.4.1

TV Player Classic is a program for viewing online internet TV channels on the TV or computer display. This software allows you to watch 1200+ live television channels from 100+ countries. There is no need for a TV Tuner card because all the channels

TV Player Classic for Windows  v.6.8

TV Player Classic (FREE NOW!

Media-Player-Classic-U  v.

Media Player Classic is the perfect substitute for Windows Media Player. Estetically is identical to version 6.4 and has the same lightness in terms of RAM occupation, but it has much more usefull functions.

Media Player Classic Home Cinema 64 bits  v.

Media Player Classic Home Cinema is a free audio and video player for Windows. MPC Homecinema is now available in 64 bits version for Windows Vista and the new Windows 7 (it should also work perfectly on Windows XP 64bit). Some functions have been

Internet TV Player  v.10.9

Internet TV Player provides live tv channels worldwide. Download it now and enjoy TV from 100 countries. Just download once and enjoy for lifetime. Music , Movie, Sports, Religious, Business , Weather Forecast, Webcam, Celebrity News

Media Player Classic Home Cinema

Media Player Classic Home Cinema offers users with an exciting as well as smart media player for Windows which looks just like Windows Media Player v6.4, but has many additional features.You can use the player as a Media Player Classic Home Theater.

Internet TV Player-7  v.1.5

Internet TV Player-7 is program for watch TV or listen Radio channels Player  v.1.1

The player will play any streamed Ogg/Vorbis/Theora stream, specifically the ones on the website. The program includes direct access to the Visonair stream directory. It also includes hardware accelerated video playback for

Media Player Classic  v. Revision 72

Enhanced version of Windows Media Player that plays a lot of media formats and has the ability to modify the filters when playing your favorite

Web TV Easy  v.1.0

Free online TV player with more than 1000 TV channels sorted out by country or category. The list of channels is pulled out online from a monitored database that updates on daily basis.

Free Online TV  v.1.2

Internet TV is not so widespread as Internet itself. But It gradually invades people who are closely linked with Internet or spend some time in Internet. These people think: Why should i pay for Sattelite TV in my badroom, if I can download software

KitePlayer Online TV  v.1.0.1

KitePlayer Online TV 1.0.1 is the very first full-featured TV player which brings users HQ TV streams online. Get instant access to over 1,000+ full featured films, 500+ TV shows, movies, sports, news, music channels. Kiteplayer Free Online TV

IVTV Player  v.0.1.3

This is a suite of programs for PVR TV cards based on IVTV driver. It containts TV player, radio player and GUI for V4L2 controls. The players have support for LIRC and

Tano Player  v.rc

Tano Player is an open-source cross-platform IP TV player. It is combining Qt and Videolan libraries for simple usage. Git: Issues Tracker:

Media player modern  v.1.0

This is a new media player project. It will be based on media player classic and add new features and solve the problems.

Fantasy Codec Pack  v.3.87

Important!ALWAYS uninstall previous versions before install last version of "Fantasy CodecPack"´╝üFeatures of Fantasy Codec players- Media Player Classic v6.4.9.0 (Final)- The KMPlayer v2.9.3.1288 green (Beta)- BSPlayer Pro v2.21.950

DScaler MPEG Filters  v.0.0.8

Free MPEG2 video decoder codec. Install Dscaler MPEG Filters and play MPEG2 (DVD, SVCD) in Windows Media Player or other video players like Media Player Classic, The Core Media Player, Zoom

Csplayer  v.07244

CS Player is a small but powerful media player application. Using the application is much easier than working with Media Player Classic, but it allows you to use almost all features from

FripTV  v.rc

FripTV is a free, opensource, SDL based IP TV player. Currently in alpha stage it runs on Windows XP and Linux and the code is designed to be highly portable. It supports MPEG2 and h264 transport

Timestamp Saver  v.1.0.0

With Timestamp Saver you can play media like watching a video in, e.g., Media Player Classic and save timestamps without switching to another window or cancel the fullscreen mode. You can use it, e.g., to save positions at which a subtitle file has

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